Thursday, October 25, 2012


70 degrees in October? Better go surf FishLadder rail before it gets to fucking cold.
Kevin Bomers-Front full torque

The stuff dreams are made of and ruined by.  RUMPIES.

Late night chainsmoking and Euchre in Kzoo

Tim Oliphant on the left built this solid warmup box jam, so we've been shredding that thing on the reg.

Elusive Kouts busting that million mile an hour sweaty, Grau stayin high, and Niemara swaggin a frontside through the Holland bowl.
Pre Friday night Modern sesh with some elusive Detroit folk,  Don G  Bam and Jake fuckin Roose.

Shot ass rainy day means Hunter S. Thompson and bong rips with Brian and Hank.

I took Derek to this sick 3 bench spot.  Now its a 2 bench spot.

John Maus - Cop Killer from 01100111 on Vimeo.

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